July Events and More

by Fran Zeitz

The Gold Coast British Sports Car Club hosted two great events in the month of July. First, on Saturday, July 22nd, we met for lunch at Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen & Bar in Miami Springs, Fla.

Hole 19 is located at the Miami Springs Golf & Country Club, which was originally established in 1923 and to date is the oldest golf course in the city of Miami. This is where golf legends like Sam Snead and Gene Sarazen established their golf legacies, and now it’s been newly renovated and continues to be a favorite of local residents.

Ed Morat, Club Vice President of Miami-Dade, made arrangements for us to park directly in front of the restaurant and overlooking the golf course. Six of our members’ cars were happily parked while we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Hole 19 uses locally-sourced food in a varied and creative menu. They will accommodate special diets and requests, with helpful and attentive service.
Seventeen club members attended. It was great to meet up with Miami-Dade members, but we also had representation from our other counties, Broward and Palm Beach. We welcomed a new GCBSCC member, Tony Rosabal. This was Tony’s first club event. He came with his son Brandon and his British car, a 1980 MGB.

Our Regalia Chairman, Allan Tavss, related the story of how he met Tony. Allan had been eating at a restaurant, and when he came out he noticed Tony admiring his 1974 MGB. They started talking about MGs and how they loved the marque. Tony stated his interest in purchasing one and asked Allan if he would help him find one.

Time went by, and Tony would consult with Allan when he found an MG that might be suitable, but none were quite right. Then Allan noticed that there were two MGBs on our club website for sale, and one of these turned out to be the right one for Tony!

Tony joined the GCBSCC in March. He really enjoys driving his “new” car, and we’re very happy to welcome Tony to our club.

Thanks go out to Del Fruit for taking great photos of our time at Hole 19, and to our hosts, Ed and Jan Morat, for organizing a terrific afternoon of delicious food, great cars and wonderful friends!

Triumph TR6
Dick Flah’s 1974 Triumph TR6 at the Panera Bread C&C.
Photo by Michael Cohen

Then, on the very next day — Sunday, July 23rd —about a dozen members of the GCBSCC met for Cars & Coffee at Panera Bread in Jupiter, Fla. This Panera Bread is located on Indiantown Road in a plaza with many great shade trees, perfect for parking our British cars.
Most of our group was from northern Palm Beach County, but we also had some members from Broward County and it was great for all of us to get together!

The menu at Panera Bread is consistently good, with great coffee and a comfortable place to chat and get re-acquainted. Thank you to Michael Cohen, our Events Coordinator, for putting together this event, and also for taking great photos!

Elections are coming up

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks the GCBSCC will be holding our annual election of officers. Our Board meets monthly, generally on-line by Zooming, and perhaps a couple of times per year in person.

Here is a list of all of our current positions, and briefly their descriptions: President, who presides over monthly Board meetings Vice Presidents, one for each county, who plan alternating monthly activities Secretary, who takes minutes at our monthly Board meetings and Treasurer, who is responsible for fiscal activities.

In addition: Membership Chairman, who welcomes new members Editor, who sends monthly articles to the British Marque newspaper Webmaster, who works with British Marque and maintains web activities Regalia Chairperson, who maintains the club’s regalia Car Show Chairperson, who oversees all events concerning our club Car Show Events Coordinator, who organizes non-club-sponsored events and Social Media Coordinator, who maintains social media platforms.

We welcome club members to apply for any position — we are always looking for new faces and new ideas.

Our election will be held at our Annual Membership Dinner. Send your inquiries or comments to our club e-mail address, goldcoastbscc@gmail.com, or contact any current Board member. If you don’t feel that you can commit to a Board position, please consider volunteering to help out in any capacity.

Please save the date of Saturday, October 21st, for our Annual Membership Dinner. It will take place at Tropical Acres Steakhouse, 2500 Griffin Rd., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The club will be paying for a portion of your meal and that of your spouse or guest. Time and details will be posted on our website and in your e-mails.

Be sure to visit our website, www.goldcoastbrit car.com, where you will find information about the club, recent news, and announcements of upcoming events. And also check out our Facebook page. Inquiries can be directed to our e-mail, goldcoastbscc@gmail.com.

Happy motoring, and enjoy your British cars!